NTMT is a software add on for NinjaTrader 7 that allows to control orders,  positions and strategies via a simple but very efficient web interface. The web  interface is specially designed for mobile devices and allows full control of     NinjaTrader via your favorite mobile phone, be it Android, iPhone, Nokia N73, N82,    Samsung, Motorola and others. As a result you can control your main NinjaTrader   7 application also away from home via your mobile phone. Play golf or just for  the lunch break, NTMT will take much stress away from
Strategy Handling:     Next there is the Strategies page. All strategy management is handled and you   can add strategies, start and stop strategies and change parameters of the   strategies that you want to launch: Here an example: There is currently one    strategy enabled , SampeMACrossOver_Zweistein(FDA X 12-09) And you have the     possibility to add a new strategy: Let us add SampleMACrossOver: As you can see   the parameters are grouped in two pages. By clicking [More…] you can modify also   the less frequently used parameters. This works for all strategies and all the   parameters defined by your strategy are editable via the NTMT pages.
Now let us change BarsPeriod.Id which is currently set to (Minute): Click   further on [Edit] and you get a list of choices where applicable (technically   where enumerated types are used): This editing scheme is the same for all  parameters.
On the left a picture of the actual phone and on the right the same content but shown in the internet browser for better view quality of this web site.
Here a screenshot on how to accomplish this.  All menu options are self explanatory: You can enable, disable and remove your strategies. Integrates fully with the Running Strategies Parameters Editor
Other pages are for Position management and Order management. The main purpose of these pages is to manually close a position or to cancel an order. For detailed information about what is going on with NinjaTrader you can have a look at the Log Page to see the content of the NinjaTrader log file.
The NTMT application handles also the case when NinjaTrader is not running or not responding. NTMT will launch NinjaTrader or kill the NinjaTrader process or in the worst case you can also reboot the computer (you should have autologin to Windows active)! As an advanced feature also the InteractiveBrokers challenge/response dialog for the security device is supported. You can login to your IB account with security device using NTMT.
SAFETY: To improve safety you can force NTMT to run only as https server. To do so you must create a self-signed SSLCertificate and assign it to NTMT web server. This SSL certificate as a file.  This ensures that all the data exchanged is not visible to others (same as online banking etc). Custom solutions with further security using client certificates (x509 or similar) on request.
PREREQUISITES: 1. NinjaTrader 7 must be installed (32 or 64bit).  Windows XP minimum requirement, but Windows 7 is recommended. Windows 2008 Server is also supported 2. Your internet provider must not block outgoing traffic from the http port (usually 80). Almost all provider do allow outgoing traffic. 3. You must know your IP public address .  My advice is to install a free utliity from www.dyndns.com . Their free service allows to map your dynamic IP address to a fixed IP name. Check their site.
Thank you for your interest and I hope that NinjaTinyMobileTrader suites your needs. Andreas Langhoff
The first one is the MarketData page. This  page is updated automatically every 5 seconds and you get the current market   data for all instruments defined in the “Defaults” instruments list defined in  NinjaTrader 7.
you because you do not   have the pressure to miss the market anymore Advantages: Access NinjaTrader away   from your Computer Low band width suffcient. A mobile phone with Internet over  GSM is sufficient. 3G not necessary relax and go away from the office to get   distracted from the absorbing PC screen. Here is how you will see Ninja Trader 7 on your mobile phone once logged in:
Ninja Tiny Mobile Trader (NTMT)
The application consists of 6 pages
NEW FEATURE The second page is the charts page. You get charts for all instruments in the Default instrument list rendered to you device. If you set up indicators on your NinjaTrader chart then these will also be displayed on your mobile device. Using a modern cell phone with autorotating screen you can turn the phone horizontal and the chart area becomes wider. Below the display of a chart on an horizonally rotated phone. The Chart period (1 Min, 5 Min, ...) can be set via NTMT.
Android and iPhone compatible
Included with the full license only: 1. NinjaTrader Automation examples: Code example to launch NinjaTrader automatically 2. Utlitily to connect with the IB Gateway 3.  Sample to demonstate spawning a strategy from a strategy.
The order entry mask has been improved and now the bid ask is displayed and it is possible to attach bracket orders. All this is optimised for the tiny display area of Mobile phones yet the order entry is extremly comfortable.